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thenotebook: Voucher bill explained by its sponsor

Voucher bill explained by its sponsor

by thenotebook on Mar 17 2011 Posted in Latest news

by Paul Jablow

Senate Bill 1, which would provide taxpayer-funded vouchers for low-income children to attend non-public schools in Pennsylvania, haspassed the Senate Education Committee and is now in the Appropriations Committee. The bill was sponsored by Sens. Jeffrey E. Piccola (R., Dauphin) and Anthony Hardy Williams (D., Phila).
The voucher concept is supported by Gov. Corbett, according to his nominee for secretary of education, though Corbett has reservations about some parts of the bill. There is no movement on voucher legislation in the state house of representatives.
The Notebook talked about the bill with Sen. Piccola, chairman of the Senate Education Committee.
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