Thursday, March 31, 2011

NYT: DC Voucher Bill/ Inky: Philly cuts $629M/ MCALL: Allentown Cuts


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 New York Times March 30, 2011, 6:21 PM

US Houses Passes DC School Voucher Bill

House Republicans voted overwhelmingly Wednesday for the only bill that the Speaker is expected to offer this year, a voucher measure that would provide $20 million annually for five years for scholarships for public school children attending poorly performing schools in the District of Columbia, and $20 million each for charter and traditional public schools in the district.
The bill, which passed 225-195 almost directly along partisan lines, will have an uphill battle in the Senate; the White House, while stopping short of a veto threat, has made clear its lack of support.

Thanks very much to those of you who responded to yesterday's legislative alert and contacted Congressman Altmire's office; he did vote "NO" on this bill.
Roll Call for House Vote 204 - Approves School Vouchers for D.C. Students
This link provides an interactive panel where you can select PA and see how each of Pennsylvania's Congressmen voted on the DC voucher bill.

Posted on Thu, Mar. 31, 2011
Philadelphia schools raise shortfall estimate to $629 million, warn of major cuts
By Martha Woodall, Inquirer Staff Writer
The Philadelphia School District's projected budget shortfall for the 2011-12 school year has ballooned to $629 million, and top administrators Wednesday outlined draconian measures they said they were prepared to take to balance it.
The district plans to cut the central office staff in half by eliminating 413 positions; reopen contract negotiations with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and other district unions; reduce transportation and full-service meals; cut funding for art, music, and gifted education; reduce budgets for individual schools by an average of 13 percent; and increase class sizes and the number of students who are assigned to school counselors.

247 Allentown teachers and support staff could lose jobs

Layoffs would come under Superintendent Gerald Zahorchak's sweeping courses changes in his controversial program of studies.

5:41 p.m. EDT, March 30, 2011
The Allentown School District could lay off 247 teachers and support staff under Superintendent Gerald Zahorchak's major overhaul of academics, a plan that has drawn controversy and confusion among staff, students and parents.
The job reductions include: 121 middle school and high school teachers, 84 preschool and elementary school teachers and 42 support staff members. No administrators will be cut.

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