Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

Senate Education Committee Passes SB 1 with 8-2 Vote

PSBA Coverage and roll call vote:

SB1 Vote Reactions, Video and Press Coverage

There Are No Silver-Bullets in Education Reform
E.D. Kain, Blog, February 28, 2011

Posted at 12:47 PM ET, 03/ 1/2011
Jon Stewart's hysterical defense of teachers
By Valerie Strauss, Washington Post Answer Sheet Blog
Jon Stewart (finally) did a hysterical bit on Monday night’s “Daily Show” about the preposterous attacks on the nation’s public school teachers, who have been accused by school “reformers” of being lazy, greedy and lousy at their jobs. Stewart hasn't done much on the issue of education reform in the past, but this week he is diving in -- last night with his attack on teacher attackers, and on Thursday night with a visit by education historian Diane Ravitch to talk about what she calls our “national insanity” over school reform.

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