Sunday, June 12, 2011

"School Choice will foster Competition"


Public Education                                                                 Private Schools

Act 1                                                                                    Taxpayer $$$$$$$$
Public Ethics Laws
Public Sunshine Laws
Public State Pension Laws
Public Right to Know Laws
Prevailing Wage/Separations Act
Pennsylvania Public School Code
Public Budgeting and Spending Requirements
NCLB Elementary and Secondary Education Act
IDEA/Special Education Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act (religious schools are exempt)

Level the playing field.

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  1. If the playing field were leveled, then everyone would be able to see what a tremendous job public educators do each and every day with the multitude of restrictions and demands that are placed upon them!
    People who send their children to private schools have various reasons why they send their children there....I can tell you first-hand that the level of administrative and educator accountability in private schools is virtually non-existent. I work with public and private school teachers, and there is absolutely no comparison to be made. If private schools were held to the same level of governmental interference, then they would fall like an ill-structured house of cards.


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