Sunday, June 26, 2011

In a rush for more charter schools? Questionable Academic Performance and Results for Kids Great “Gold Standard” Results for Owners, CEOs, Politicians

Sunday June 26, 2011  Tweet from PA House GOP:

The #pahouse will be in session starting at 3:00 pm today. Watch live on




In a rush for more charter schools?
Questionable Academic Performance and Results for Kids

Great "Gold Standard" Results for Owners, CEOs, Politicians

This KSEC commentary was faxed to all members of the PA General Assembly this weekend


KSEC is also faxing this OP/ED by PSBA Executive Director Tom Gentzel to all members of the PA General Assembly this weekend:

Voucher Legislation: Don't let General Assembly let it slip through

Published: Friday, June 24, 2011, 5:00 AM
Patriot-News Op-Ed  By Thomas Gentzel
Senate Bill 1 — the taxpayer- funded tuition voucher legislation — has been steadily losing favor in the halls of the state Capitol recently despite massive amounts of pressure and dollars being spent by out-of-state interest groups to keep it alive. 

Even many of the organizations in favor of vouchers are publicly acknowledging that SB 1 is no longer a viable option to forward their radical agenda of using tax dollars to pay for a small segment of the population to go to private and religious schools.


Forget Anthony Weiner, Twitter is here to stay

Published: Saturday, June 25, 2011, 12:35 PM

Despite the Weiner incident, Twitter is an effective communication tool for elected officials who believe in good government. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to interact with constituents and keep government transparent. Several members of Pennsylvania's House of Representatives are great examples of how Twitter can be used effectively.


Republican Challenges Administration on Plans to Override Education Law

New York Times, By SAM DILLON, Published: June 23, 2011
In a sharp rebuke to the Obama administration, the Republican chairman of the House education committee on Thursday challenged plans by the education secretary to override provisions of the federalNo Child Left Behind Law, and he said he would use a House rewrite of it this year to rein in the secretary's influence on America's schools.
Responding to Education Secretary Arne Duncan's promise to grant states waivers to the education law's most onerous provisions if Congress failed to rewrite it, the committee chairman, Representative John Kline of Minnesota, sent Mr. Duncan a letter on Thursday demanding that he explain by July 1 the legal authority that he believed he had to issue the waivers.


Public Education Stakeholders can use Education Voters PA website to email and call your local legislators regarding the budget and keeping vouchers out of the budget bill.

Please forward this link to any public education stakeholders


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