Thursday, May 12, 2011

Parents: Wake Up and Start Making Noise/ Furlough Bill Moves/ Vouchers vs. EITC

Pa. Senate passes SB 612 that would allow school districts to layoff teachers for economic reasons; HB 855 Furlough Bill still awaiting action in the House

In the House of Representatives, HB 855 is awaiting action by the House Education Committee. HB 855 also provides for economic furloughs and does not contain provisions that are contained in SB 612.

SB1 Tuition Voucher Advocate Senator Pileggi Calls House EITC Alternative A 'Distraction'. 

Capitolwire also reports Pileggi saying that House opposition to vouchers may likely postpone bill to fall

Proposed SB1 "Poverty Level" Cap would now be $78,000
Remember the sales pitch for SB1 "to help poor kids escape failing schools"?  Fuggedaboutit!   Where SB1 was originally targeted to families making under $29,000 in failing schools or school districts, and then amended to offer vouchers to families earning up to $67,000, the latest version will reportedly raise that income cap to $78,000.  Here's a little perspective on the proposed change to SB1 that would enable families with incomes up to $78,000 to receive tuition vouchers.  A November 22, 2010 article in the Harrisburg Patriot News detailed how the starting salary for state legislators would increase to $79,623 effective December 1, 2010.  Meanwhile, according to PSBA, the average teacher salary in Pennsylvania for the 2008-2009 school year was $57,641.


Parents: Wake up and start making noise
Haverford School District budget has tax hike, program cuts

 "While school choice supporters are highly vocal, public school parents take schools for granted and "don't do anything until their kids' programs are threatened. Your programs are being threatened," 

By Lois Puglionesi, CORRESPONDENT
HAVERFORD TWP. — School directors unanimously approved a $90 million proposed final budget last week, which they hope to change before formal adoption in June, pending outcome of the state budget process and controversial cuts slated for public education by Gov. Tom Corbett

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