Thursday, May 26, 2011

Delco Times Education Issues Series: Schools of Hard Knocks

Schools of Hard Knocks: Parents of students share fears with state legislators
Teachers, school board members and district administrators are not the only ones worried about potential cuts in state aid.  Parents are worried, too.

Earlier this month, representatives from the 12 school districts in neighboring Chester County conducted a meeting at West Chester East High School to discuss budget woes with eight state legislators.

Schools of Hard Knocks: Districts predict worst as legislators scramble to lessen education cuts (With Video, graphic)

The word “austere” barely begins to cover the kind of school year some local districts are facing in 2011-12.


Schools of Hard Knocks: Legislation aims to expand school choice for low-, middle-income families (With Video, Graphic)

By Alex Rose
One of the more controversial plans to improve education in the state — at least for some students — is a school voucher proposal that would expand school choice for low- and middle-income families in poorly performing school districts.


Schools of Hard Knocks: Districts find ways to exceed tax caps set by Act 1 index (With Graphic, Video)

When Gov. Tom Corbett announced his plan to significantly slash the state’s education budget, he sent school district administrators scrambling for their erasers.


Schools of Hard Knocks: Budget cuts worry teachers' unions

Fourth of a six-part series
Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposals to slash education funding have sparked concerns among teachers statewide, including unions in Delaware County


Schools of Hard Knocks: Governor's school cuts get support from some

Though Republican Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed education cuts have left districts with a shortage of money, there has been no shortage of outcry.
From the support staff staring at potential job cuts to teachers facing wage freezes, Corbett has received criticism from just about everyone associated with public education.
Though they might be drowned out, Corbett has his supporters who herald his proposal to slash basic and higher-education funding by $1.6 billion.

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