Monday, April 4, 2011

Voucher Update/Budget

Voucher Update: PA House Democratic Policy Committee hearing on SB1 in Harrisburg Thursday 4/7 10:00 am at the Capitol; Full Senate may vote last week of April.
On Thursday, April 7, 2011 beginning at 10:00 am, the Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee will host a hearing on Senate Bill 1: the Opportunity Scholarship and Educational Improvement Tax Credit Act.  The location is The Capitol, Room 418 Main Capitol Building 
The latest scuttlebutt on SB1 is that the Senate Appropriations Committee may vote the bill out of committee during the second week of April with the full Senate considering SB1 during the last week of April.

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader April 1, 2011
School voucher pros, cons debated

Democratic Policy Committee hearing addresses public funding of private schools.

SCRANTON – Public and parochial schools had their say on proposed legislation before the state Senate regarding school vouchers during a Democratic Policy Committee hearing Thursday at Marywood University.

When a school district goes under
What happens when a community no longer can afford to fund its schools? An Allegheny County town is finding out.
Darrin Youker , Reading Eagle 4/3/2011
School districts across Berks County are facing tough financial times, mired in multimillion dollar deficits that could necessitate deep staffing cuts.
Few predict next year's budgeting process will be any better.
In fact, a few have asked what will happen if a school district goes broke and can no longer afford to keep its doors open.
The answer to that question lies in the Duquesne City School District, located in a cash-strapped former steel town along the Monongahela River.

Posted on Mon, Apr. 4, 2011

John Baer: Could 'stashed' funds help Pa. schools in crisis?

By John Baer, Philadelphia Daily News Political Columnist
I'M NEITHER a product of nor an apologist for public education. I understand how expensive and ineffective it can be. And urban education's worse, plagued by poverty, uninvolved parents, unyielding unions and overpaid administration.
But a close look at proposed state cuts to the Philadelphia School District and poorer districts suggests disproportionate targeting for suffering. And a look at money that most districts keep tucked away in special accounts suggests that maybe big cuts aren't really needed. 

COMMENTARY: Gov. Corbett unwilling to engage voters about his proposed education cuts

Harrisburg Patriot News, Published: Sunday, April 03, 2011, 6:46 PM
By Laura Vecsey 
Gov. Tom Corbett's first budget has put the funding of education from kindergarten to graduate school in the crosshairs of a profound, bitter debate. 

Pocono Record March 31, 2011

Pa. school districts grapple with potential cuts

Associated Press
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Teachers. Kindergarten programs. Art and music classes.
School officials across Pennsylvania say all that and more is on the chopping block in light of the governor's proposed $1 billion reduction in education funding.

Even the area's wealthier school districts are scrambling
By Jodi Weigand
The financial problems facing Western Pennsylvania school districts don't discriminate.
Districts with the lowest property values have well-documented budget deficits, but the 10 on the high end have shortfalls as well, averaging more than $3.5 million.


Click here for links to quickly and easily contact 7 key legislative leaders on the budget

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