Saturday, April 2, 2011

PN: Senator proposes rescue plan for state's struggling schools/ Senate Ed Committee plans vote on Mandate Relief Bills Tuesday, April 5th, including Furlough Bill/ Budget Take Action/ MCALL: ASD Cuts

Senator proposes rescue plan for state's struggling schools
Published: Saturday, April 02, 2011, 12:00 AM
State Sen. Vincent Hughes isn't willing to rescue only a handful of students from the state's worst-performing schools. 
He wants to save all of them.
The Philadelphia Democrat plans to introduce legislation on Monday that focuses on fixing the state's 144 worst performing schools. They are all among the bottom 5 percent of the state's schools. 

Senate Education Committee plans to vote on Mandate Relief Bills on Tuesday, April 5th, including Furlough Bill
This includes Senate Bill SB61 (Folmer) which would provide for economic furloughs (similar to HB855).
Click here for a link to the meeting agenda that provides a brief summary of each of the 18 bills:


If you have not already done so, don't wait to take action on the budget.
Send this link to any public education stakeholders today to easily contact these legislative leaders:
Senate President Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati
House Appropriations Chairman William Adolph
House Speaker Samuel Smith
House Majority Leader Michael Turzai
Senate Appropriations Chairman Jake Corman
Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi
and Governor Tom Corbett, all with one mouse click.
 One of my PTO contacts sent it to his list yesterday and it triggered over 150 hits on the website.  If just 10 or 20 of you could do the same…….

Click here for links to quickly and easily contact key legislative leaders on the budget

ASD chief walks conflicting course

As secretary of education, he championed teachers. Now he's cutting their jobs.

11:04 p.m. EDT, April 1, 2011
"We need more teachers in our district."
So said Allentown School District Superintendent Gerald Zahorchak on Thursday night to an anxious crowd of 700 parents, students, teachers and staff who filled South Mountain Middle School's auditorium.
Then, seemingly in the next breath, Zahorchak asked the school board to cut 247 teaching jobs — 17 percent of the teaching staff — as part of its motion to approve his program of studies for the next school year.

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