Friday, February 11, 2011

SB 1 - What's Next?/ PSBA: Detailed Look at SB 1/ Why Sen. Dinniman did not cosponsor SB 1/ Teacher Furlough Bill/ Ravitch launches Parents Across America

SB 1 Voucher Bill – What’s Next?

A Detailed Look at the Voucher Bill SB 1 from PSBA

Senate Education Committee Minority Chairman Andy Dinniman has not cosponsored SB 1; this article explains why:

New bill supports voucher system

A controversial bill introduced in Harrisburg that would allow low-income students to leave low-performing public schools and use public money to be educated elsewhere would focus first on 144 of the lowest performing public schools in Pennsylvania, none of which are in Chester or Montgomery counties.
But by its third year, the law would implement a statewide voucher system that would permit public money to be used to send students to private and parochial schools.
One key Chester County-based legislator hopes to play a critical role in changing this third-year provision.

Debate emerges on teacher furloughs
Published: Friday, February 11, 2011, 12:00 AM
Companies look to layoffs when money gets tight, but school districts don’t have that same discretion with their teachers and principals.

Senator Folmer’s Cosponsorship Memo on Teacher Furloughs:

Ravitch: Turnaround is a national failure

by Helen Gym on Feb 10 2011
Turnaround is a failed measure that’s led to instability in schools and “massive demoralization” among teachers and school officials, said New York University professor and author Diane Ravitch Monday night in New York City.  Ravitch was the featured speaker along with a dynamic panel of parent activists from across the country in an event sponsored by Parents Across America to launch a new national network of parent leaders.

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