Monday, February 14, 2011

The Nation: It Takes a Village, Not a Tiger/ Pottstown Mercury LTE: School Choice not needed in PA/ Inky: School Voucher Research/ Pottsville Republican: Legislation would allow schools to furlough teachers

It Takes a Village, Not a Tiger
Katha Pollitt, February 10, 2011
Are you a tiger mother, a soccer mom, a helicopter parent, an attachment mom, a permissive free spirit who just wants your child to be herself? Congratulations. Your kids have a good chance of turning out reasonably well. Not because you are a parenting genius who has hit on the perfect method but because you have the time and energy and cultural capital to give your child what he needs to be successful in today’s world no matter what child-raising method you choose.

School Choice is not needed in Pennsylvania
Pottstown Mercury Feb. 11, 2011
Opinion by George Bonekemper

School-voucher research less emphatic than debate
By Adrienne Lu, Inquirer Staff Writer, Feb. 14, 2011
As Pennsylvania's debate over school vouchers kicks into high gear this week, one of the issues that proponents and critics can be expected to debate most fiercely is the impact of vouchers on public schools.

Legislation would allow schools to furlough teachers due to economic necessity

Pottsville Republican Herald Published: February 12, 2011
HARRISBURG - School districts would be able to order teacher furloughs in the name of economic necessity under pending Senate legislation that is already stirring sharp debate.
The bill is being developed as part of a package to ease state mandates on schools. It would rewrite an existing state law greatly limiting the circumstances in which professional public school employees can be furloughed.

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