Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Statewide Call to Action: Please make a call on December 5th in support of public education

Dear Friend of Education,

Education Voters, joined by several allies, is organizing our first statewide "Call" to Action for Public Education next week on Monday, December 5th.  Thousands of people will set aside 5 minutes to call the Governor and local State Representatives and Senators with a short message about education being our highest priority as taxpayers and votersClick here for everything you will need. 

  • Last year, the budget suffered about $900 million in cuts.
  • Class sizes are increasing in many communities.
  • Kindergarten, tutoring, arts, sports …. all being cut.
  • We keep reducing education to the point where someday soon, we could be teaching only subjects that will be on standardized tests. 
  • We are raising taxes at the community level, putting more pressure on property taxes instead of  having a statewide funding formula that is aligned to learning standards, fiscally responsible, fair and both Constitutional and ethical.

Want to fight back?  PLEDGE RIGHT NOW to join the Statewide "Call" to Action for Public Education in December.   For the Call Guide, click here.   Below are helpful tips and links to help you with your call.
  • Get your legislator’s contact phone number
  • Call them with a couple of comments.  For the Call Guide, CLICK HERE.
  • Tell us you made the call and what the response was.  This part is very important; help us close the loop and get the biggest impact out of your call.
  • Spread the word – double, triple, quadruple your impact. For a Statewide "Call" to Action for Public Education flyer, click HERE.

That’s it!  It is really, really easy –we set it up so even the busiest people can participate and make a difference.  Make the PLEDGE now to make the call, or if you have any questions, check out ourCall Guide or visit Education Voters PA.

Across Pennsylvania, parents, community members, small business owners and community leaders have been meeting and talking about the impact that all these drastic budgets cuts have had on our students and our communities, and what has (and hasn’t) been happening in Harrisburg.  A number of communities have joined together to hold local forums, inviting elected officials to come and talk about what is happening. Some elected officials have shown up, some haven’t.  It has become increasingly clear that we need to send a stronger message to Harrisburg about what matters to us. 
The reality is that genuine education reform (not just gimmicks billed as reform) won’t be a priority for the Governor and the state legislature unless we make it one -- until they think that people are “mad as [heck] and aren’t going to take it anymore."  
Please take a few minutes to participate in this call to action. 
Thank you for continuing with us in this important  campaign for our communities…our economic prosperity – a quality public education throughout the Commonwealth.

Susan Gobreski
Executive Director

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