Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More than 1,400 people gathered at 30 sites throughout the state Tuesday night to discuss how to grade Pennsylvania’s teachers.

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Local educators join statewide discussion about teacher evaluations

David Meekel, Reading Eagle, Originally Published: 11/2/2011

Through the magic of modern technology, more than 1,200 education experts from throughout Pennsylvania gathered Tuesday night to chat about what makes an effective teacher.


Evaluating teachers focus of town hall meeting

Posted: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 9:12 pm By BILL DEVLIN STAFF WRITER | 1 comment
More than 1,400 people gathered at 30 sites throughout the state Tuesday night to discuss how to grade Pennsylvania's teachers.


In Texas: Online education business growing fast, without quality control from state

American Independent By Patrick Michels 11.01.11 |

Gene V. Glass, a senior researcher at the University of Colorado's National Education Policy Center, told the Tribune the for-profit nature of the industry, and its consolidation in the hands of five major companies, was problematic. "They are responsible to their shareholders, not to the kids or anyone else. They are in it for the money," he said.


'Voucher' a red-flag word for school-choice advocates

By Ben WolfgangThe Washington Times, Monday, October 31, 2011

"In some ways, it's become a dirty word," said Whitney Duff, director of legislative affairs at the National Association of Independent Schools. "It's been used with a lot of negative connotations. A lot of folks have been trying to change the language."


Will Pennsylvania be swayed into vouchers by pressure from a national agenda?

PSBA updated 11/01/2011

The push for voucher legislation is part of an aggressive national agenda that has been organized by the rise of various conservative and Tea Party groups in numerous states, including Pennsylvania. These groups have put forth hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions last fall to gubernatorial candidates as well as key state legislators.  Nationally-based groups like StudentsFirst.orgTea Party Patriots  (click on the "states" tab to see list and links of PA branches), The Center for Education Reform, and the  American Federation for Children are orchestrating the push, and they now expect, in return, the enactment of voucher legislation.


Study: Pre-K Crucial to Best 3rd Grade Reading Outcomes

Education Week By Catherine Gewertz on November 1, 2011 4:17 PM | 
In the face of state cutbacks to early-childhood programs, school districts might find themselves wondering whether to invest their own scarce funds in preschool or in full-day kindergarten. A study out today has a clear message: If you want to maximize the chances of strong 3rd grade reading results, preschool programs in combination with full-day kindergarten is the way to go. But if that's not possible, it's better to go with pre-K and half-day kindergarten than relying solely on all-day kindergarten.


The Global Search for Education: A Look at a Finnish School

Posted by C.M. Rubin EducationViews Contributor on November 1, 2011
If you thought you knew everything about the remarkable transformation of Finland's schools from mediocre to one of the top performing school systems in the world, think again.  Native Finn Pasi Sahlberg (educator, researcher, advisor on global education reform,  and Director General of CIMO in Helsinki, Finland),  who has lived and closely studied this remarkable reformation, tells the full story in his newly released book, Finnish Lessons  – What can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland?  Sahlberg shows how the Finnish ways of improving schools differ from the global educational reform movement and from the North American educational policies and reform strategies.  It's a wake-up call for all countries around the world who aspire to achieve excellence.


SD of Haverford Twp. Board Member Receives First PSBA Advocacy Award

PSBA 11/1/2011

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) recently awarded Lawrence Feinberg, school director at SD of Haverford Township (Delaware Co.) with the first Timothy M. Allwein Advocacy Award at the PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference in Hershey, Oct. 19.


Use Education Voters PA website to contact your PA State Representatives asking them to oppose taxpayer funded vouchers:

For more info/background -  PSBA's Tuition Voucher Issue Page

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