Friday, March 30, 2012

State wants manure management plans

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Thanks and a tip of the hat to Mr. Scaife and his Pittsburgh Trib  - We just couldn’t find a better actual in-print lead for this Keystone State Education Coalition April Fool’s edition...LAF

State wants manure management plans

Pittsburgh Tribune By R. A. Monti, VALLEY NEWS DISPATCH
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
"I have to tell them when, where and how often I apply manure."

PDE considering application from Perzel, Fumo, DeWeese, Veon, Feese, Mellow, Orie to open new Keystone Leadership Cyber Charter

Bi-Partisan School’s Focus to be political science and personal finance.

In an interview last month, K12’s Chief Executive Officer Ronald J. Packard said, “For reasons I don’t fully understand, there are a lot of people who don’t like for-profit companies in education.” 
Americans becoming increasingly alarmed about “Green Slime” associated with school reform movement.
After 20 years of pervasive school reform efforts, Americans are expressing growing concerns that school reform is not helping kids, but just concentrating and moving money to different adults.

Duncan steps down to take Head Coaching Job at Faber College; Obama appoints Darling-Hammond to Secretary of Ed Post
Signals an end to 10 year Federal “March to the Sea” program for public education

Charter and Cyber Funding Reform tied to “Limited” Voucher Pilot Program in Omnibus School Bill as Part of PA Budget Deal
Keep an eye on this one, it might not be a joke.

Does School Choice Really Reduce Erectile Dysfunction?
Researchers at University of Arkansas and University of Wisconsin provide evidence that school voucher researchers stand up for privatizing public education.

Florida Legislature passes controversial measure requiring public school teachers to wear visible “T”
New ALEC-sponsored school improvement measure would only apply to teachers out in public; Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania considering similar measures.

PSERs Executive Director Jeff Clay says “gee – this is great, I’m going to Disneyland!”
Gureghian reportedly offers proposal to completely eliminate PSERs pension tsunami
It is rumored that Corbett campaign donor and charter school magnate Vahan Gureghian has proposed to cover the cost of projected PSERs spike through 2025 in exchange for assuming control of 10 failing school districts and the Philadelphia Inquirer dropping its right-to-know request for his salary.

Walton and Gates announce 10 year $100 Billion National Effort to Fund Early Childhood Literacy Programs
Saying that kids can’t learn if they can’t read, they acknowledge that 20 years of “School Reform” spending has not been successful; they intend to spend money on something that actually works

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