Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingrich, Romney, Obama--education triplets

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Income, Parental Education Linked To Pre-School Learning Gaps

Joy Resmovits, Huffington Post, Posted: 12/20/11 05:35 PM ET

Just as Obama awarded over $500 million in state grants to improve pre-K, the Brookings Institutionreleased a report arguing more attention paid to family background factors such as poverty and maternal education would help improve educational outcomes for our littlest learners.
The report argued that gaps in children's ability to learn begin long before they enter the classroom -- and that those gaps can have lasting effects on class mobility.


About 15 Percent of Charter Schools Shut Down, Group Says

 Sean Cavanagh  
About 15 percent of the nation's charter schools close—and that's not a bad thing, according to a newly released report, which argues that those shutdowns are proof that the system weeds out institutions that can't cut it for one reason or another.
Of roughly 6,700 charter schools that have opened in the United States, 1,036 have closed since 1992, says a report unveiled today by the Center for Education Reform, in Washington.


Posted at 09:58 PM ET, 12/21/2011

Gingrich, Romney, Obama--education triplets

Washngton Post By Jay Mathews
If school policy were a prime issue and we judged the three principal contenders of the moment — former House speaker Newt Gingrich, President Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney — on that basis, the race would be dull three-way tie.
The president and the two Republicans each have some unique ideas for schools, but by and large they support the test-driven, school-rating, pro-charter-school policy that has ruled the United States for more than a decade, no matter which party controlled the presidency or Congress.

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