Thursday, August 4, 2011

PA House and Senate Panels Continue to Wrestle with Vouchers

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Watch August 2nd Senate Democratic Policy Committee Panel Discussion on School Choice (video)

Video of the hearing held in Philadelphia on Tuesday.  Runtime is 2 hours and 32 minutes.

Tomalis: Testing should be required of voucher students

Vouchers could be part of busy fall agenda
By Eric Boehm | PA Independent August 3, 2011
HARRISBURG — The Corbett administration wants potential voucher students to be held accountable for their academic performance by requiring standardized testing.
Addressing the House Education Committee on Wednesday morning, state Secretary of Education Ronald Tomalis said the administration supports phasing in a voucher program by focusing on the 144 schools in 23 school districts, which the state Education Department has labeled as "failing." Voucher students, who leave those schools to attend a private school, still should  be tested, he said.

Tomalis discusses Corbett Administration's goals for a voucher bill (video)

YouTube video runtime 2 minutes and 34 seconds


Teacher certification, private-school testing concerns raised over school choice bills

Thursday, August 04, 2011

By Tracie Mauriello, Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau

HARRISBURG -- Tax dollars soon could go to schools where teachers aren't required to be certified and where students aren't required to take the same standardized tests as public school counterparts.

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PSEA President: Vouchers shortchange public school students website (HARRISBURG, Aug. 3, 2011) – PSEA President James P. Testerman today questioned how Gov. Tom Corbett's administration could support an expensive new entitlement program after cutting public school funding by $860 million in this year's state budget.
"The governor told Pennsylvanians that he had to cut $860 million from our public schools," Testerman said. "Now, he wants to spend money that the state supposedly doesn't have on a tuition voucher program that doesn't work."


How to Mold Public Opinion Against Public Schools

 Walt Gardner   
Two of the most effective tools of propagandists are to tell a big lie so often that it is accepted as undeniable truth, and to create a scapegoat for the anger and frustration that the public feels. An op-ed by Ted Nugent published on Jul. 29 in the Washington Times is a page torn from the textbook used in Propaganda 101 ("NEA - master of disaster").


Florida Teachers union files lawsuit to stop expansion of school vouchers

Tampa Bay Online By CATHERINE WHITTENBURG | The Tampa Tribune 
Calling it "a shady way of opening the door for school vouchers for all," the state teachers union is suing to keep a question off the 2012 ballot that would repeal a state ban on spending money on religious organizations.

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