Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov. 23, 2010 NYT Thomas Friedman: Teaching for America/Sen. Williams elected Dem. Caucus Chairman/NSBA publication: Keep Public Education Public: Why Vouchers are a Bad Idea

This 2003 publication by NSBA examines the most controversial education policy issue of our time. It focuses on the evidence from existing programs, and delves into tuition tax credits as well. You can access the book's chapters and appendices below.
To purchase a hard copy of the entire publication, please visit NSBA's online bookstore and order.

“Three countries that outperform us — Singapore, South Korea, Finland — don’t let anyone teach who doesn’t come from the top third of their graduating class.” – Arne Duncan
NY Times Op-Ed Columnist

Teaching for America

Published: November 20, 2010
When I came to Washington in 1988, the cold war was ending and the hot beat was national security and the State Department. If I were a cub reporter today, I’d still want to be covering the epicenter of national security — but that would be the Education Department.

The noteworthy item in this article is that Senator Anthony Williams, the leading proponent of vouchers in the General Assembly, has also been elected as Caucus Chairman by Senate Democrats this week.
Delco Times 11/22 - By Alex Rose
Costa tapped as minority leader in Pa. Senate
Pennsylvania Senate Democrats elected state Sen. Jay Costa, D-43, of Pittsburgh, as their new Democratic floor leader this week.
Costa, who was elected minority chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee last year, said in a release that he intends to provide "strong, aggressive and unified" leadership in the next session.

Even though it was published in 2003 this NSBA publication is still an excellent resource on the issue. NSBA’s website has links to pdf’s by chapter.
Ongoing Background on Vouchers – 4th in a Series
NSBA: Keep Public Education Public: Why Vouchers are a Bad Idea

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