Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Senator Piccola: Key Legislative Priorities /NPR: Chinese Top In Tests, But Still Have Lots To Learn/Inky: Student journalism project / Blog Feeds added

PA Senate Education Committee website
Accomplishments & Activity of the PA Senate Education Committee 2008-09 and 2009-10 Legislative Session
Includes these Key Legislative Priorities for the Future:
• School choice options in the form of opportunity scholarships;
• Reform and strengthening Pennsylvania’s charter and cyber charter school laws;
• Parent petitions and empowering parents of 51 percent of students in failing schools to force closure or restructuring or to convert to a charter school;
• Mandate relief to assist districts with local costs;
• School safety particularly as it relates to background checks; and
• Teacher and principal evaluations and effectiveness.

NPR: Chinese Top in Tests, But Still Have Lots to Learn
This year, for the first time, schools from China took part in international standardized tests, and Chinese students came out on top. But the Chinese realize their educational system -- which stresses memorization and largely ignores critical thinking -- is in need of reform.


Here’s coverage of what sounds like a successful school program that is not directly related to test scores or the result of new regulations passed down by the State Board of Education

Inky, 12/27/10

Student journalism project fosters a healthy curiosity

The student reporters at Marshall Street Elementary School in West Norriton peppered school nurse Trudy Rodgers with questions during a news conference in Room 41.

Washington Post Valerie Strauss Answer Sheet
Education Week Bridging Differences: Diane Ravitch/Deborah Meier
NSBA’s BoardBuzz
PSBA’s LeadingPAschools
Schools Matter

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