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Posted on Wed, Jun. 23, 2010

Pa.'s record campaign donors: Trio give $5 million plus to Sen. Williams

No one had ever donated anywhere close to this much cash for a political campaign in Pennsylvania.

The three executives had said through a spokesman before the primary that they were backing Williams because they liked his stance on school choice, particularly the use of publicly funded vouchers to enable more families to pay for private education.”
Scranton Times Tribune 11/22/10
GOP push to revive school choice
by robert swift (harrisburg bureau chief)
Published: November 22, 2010
HARRISBURG - Supporters of school choice in Pennsylvania see the best opportunity in more than a decade to advance proposals to increase educational options for students.
The last time a concerted effort was made on behalf of a school-choice program was during Republican Gov. Tom Ridge's administration, when the GOP held sway in Harrisburg.

This is PCN’s coverage (running time about 70 minutes, requires QuickTime player) of the Nov. 15th 2010 Commonwealth Foundation forum devoted mostly to school choice which was noted in the Scranton Times Tribune article above. 
The forum included former Democratic Pennsylvania House Speaker Bob O'Donnell, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee Sen. Jeff Piccola, Sen. Anthony Williams (D-Philadelphia).and incoming House Speaker-Elect Rep. Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny).

This is Senator Piccola’s 25 minute November cable show focusing entirely on his choice agenda for the coming 2011-2012 legislative session:

Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee hearing of Oct. 13, 2010 on the Future of School Choice

Proposed Pennsylvania voucher bill 2010, SB1405:

Robert C. Enlow, CEO, The Foundation for Educational Choice (formerly
the Friedman Foundation) was one of the out-of-state pro-voucher parties
testifying at the October 13th hearing of the PA Senate Ed Committee.  Milton Friedman was widely recognized as the “father of the voucher movement”.  Here is a link to their website:

Doug Tuthill, President Step Up for Students, Florida was another of the
out-of-state pro-voucher parties testifying at the October 13th hearing
of the Senate Ed Committee.  Here is a link to that organization’s website:

Pennsylvania’s REACH Foundation also testified at the October 13th Senate Ed Committee hearing on vouchers.  The REACH (Road to Educational Achievement Through CHoice) Foundation and its sister organization, the REACH Alliance, are Pennsylvania's grassroots coalitions dedicated to ensuring parental choice in education.

One of the other proponents of school vouchers testifying at the PA Senate Education Committee hearing of October 13th was the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO).  Their mission is “To increase access to high-quality educational options for Black children by actively supporting parental choice policies and programs that empower low-income and working-class Black families.”
According to NSBA, BAEO was established in 2000 by a former Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools, with financial backing from groups like the Walton Family Foundation and the Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation.
Members of their Board of Directors include former House Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans and Dawn Chavous, Chief Executive Assistant and Director of Education for Senator Anthony Williams.
Senator Williams is also a member of BAEO’s advisory board.

Back to the Future - here's FoxNews.com coverage from January 5th, 2006
Florida High Court: School Vouchers Unconstitutional
Thursday , January 05, 2006, AP

The Florida Supreme Court struck down a statewide voucher system Thursday that allowed children to attend private schools at taxpayer expense — a program Gov. Jeb Bush considered one of his proudest achievements.  It was the nation's first statewide voucher program.
In a 5-2 ruling, the high court said the program undermines the public schools and violates the Florida Constitution's requirement of a uniform system of free public education.
Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,180756,00.html

Back to the Future - here's US Supreme Court decision coverage from June 28th, 2002

Despite ruling, state may not get vouchers

By Jonathan Potts, TRIBUNE-REVIEW, Friday, June 28, 2002 
In a landmark ruling Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court said a Cleveland program that allows parents to use publicly funded tuition vouchers to send their children to private schools does not violate the constitutional separation of church and state.

Back to the Future - here's PDK Poll coverage from March 20th, 2002

Vouchers' favor falls, poll finds

By Jonathan Potts, TRIBUNE-REVIEW, Wednesday, March 20, 2002
Public support for private school tuition vouchers is declining, according to a nationwide opinion poll.
Only 34 percent of respondents in the 2001 Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup public education survey said they favor allowing students to use tax dollars to attend a private school. Support for vouchers has dropped steadily since 1997, poll results show.
Back to the Future - here's voucher coverage from June 29th, 2002

Pa. vouchers may depend on election

By Jonathan Potts, TRIBUNE-REVIEW, Saturday, June 29, 2002
Whether Pennsylvania gives parents vouchers for private school tuition will hinge on who is elected governor in November, the chairman of the state House Education Committee said Friday.

Back to the Future - here's Madonna-Young poll coverage from 2002

New Madonna-Young Poll Shows Pennsylvanians Still Oppose Tax-Funded Vouchers for Private and Religious Schools.