Tuesday, February 23, 2021

PA Ed Policy Roundup February 23, 2021 After 10+ years and 2,928 daily postings, the PA Ed Policy Roundup has come to the end of its run.

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PA Ed Policy Roundup February 23, 2021

After 10+ years and 2,928 daily postings, the PA Ed Policy Roundup has come to the end of its run.

 After 10+ years and 2,928 daily postings, the PA Ed Policy Roundup has come to the end of its run.

Primarily carried out on a volunteer basis, our goal has been to promote public discussion among all stakeholders around the myriad issues connected to public education in Pennsylvania. Our “North Star” has been to support the mission of public education, creating informed American citizens.

Thank you for enabling me with your enthusiastic support, encouragement, participation and content contributions over the years.

For over twenty years I have been closely following the issues and concerns surrounding charter and cyber charter funding and accountability along with their impact, especially upon students in our most underfunded school districts. Charters certainly have a place in our education landscape but there are critical issues, particularly funding, which have been exacerbated this past year with the impacts of COVID-19.

 I have been given the opportunity to focus my time, energy and advocacy efforts on building statewide support for the development and enactment of legislation that would provide regulatory and funding changes to Pennsylvania’s 23-year-old Charter School Law.

 This morning, PSBA announced the launch of the Keystone Center for Charter Change. I have been appointed to be the director of this new endeavor.

 Here is a link to this morning’s announcement:

PSBA Announces the Launch of the Keystone Center for Charter Change

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) announced today, the launch of the Keystone Center for Charter Change. PSBA has long advocated on behalf of its membership—the public school districts of the commonwealth—for change to Pennsylvania’s flawed and outdated Charter School Law.

“PSBA is pleased to continue this important work in support of our public school districts, with this initiative,” stated Nathan Mains, PSBA chief executive officer. “Additionally, it is my distinct honor to announce Mr. Lawrence A. Feinberg as the director of the new Keystone Center for Charter Change,” highlighted Mains. “His background as a board president and a more than 20-year veteran as school board director for Haverford Township School District, along with his many other involvements in public education advocacy will provide the impactful leadership needed for the initiative. We look forward to continuing the work that PSBA has focused on over numerous years, with the additional framework and support of the Keystone Center for Charter Change to see it through,” Mains added.

More here: https://www.pacharterchange.org/2021/02/23/psba-announces-the-launch-of-the-keystone-center-for-charter-change/


I am excited and honored to accept this new role. Much of what I have been personally committed to and devoted my time to over these years has led up to the work that will be carried out through the center.

 I look forward to raising awareness statewide and informing the legislative dialogue to bring about substantive change, working with PSBA staff, the members of the Center’s residency program and advisory board.

To that end, tomorrow morning, instead of the PA Ed Policy Roundup you will see our first daily “PA Charter Change Roundup”.

 These new daily emails will be archived and searchable at the center’s dedicated website: PACharterChange.org.

 Visit us on Facebook at: pacharterchange

Follow us on Twitter at: @pacharterchange

And on LinkedIn at Keystone Center for Charter Change

 You can reach me in my new role as the director of the Keystone Center for Charter Change at: larry.feinberg@psba.org. I look forward to hearing from you.

 I will continue to follow and tweet about other major issues like fair funding, budgets, the school funding lawsuit, equity, COVID/reopening, recruiting and retaining minority educators and standardized testing on my personal Twitter account @lfeinberg, however I will remain focused on the core mission of the Keystone Center for Charter Change utilizing the PA Charter Change communication avenues. I invite you to stay connected!

 Thank you and warmest regards,

 Larry Feinberg

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