Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vouchers - state and federal

Scranton Times Tribune 11/22/10
GOP push to revive school choice
by robert swift (harrisburg bureau chief)
Published: November 22, 2010
HARRISBURG - Supporters of school choice in Pennsylvania see the best opportunity in more than a decade to advance proposals to increase educational options for students.
The last time a concerted effort was made on behalf of a school-choice program was during Republican Gov. Tom Ridge's administration, when the GOP held sway in Harrisburg.

This is PCN’s coverage (running time about 70 minutes, requires QuickTime player) of the Nov. 15th  Commonwealth Foundation forum devoted mostly to school choice which was noted in the Scranton Times Tribune article above. 
The forum included former Democratic Pennsylvania House Speaker Bob O'Donnell, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee Sen. Jeff Piccola, Sen. Anthony Williams (D-Philadelphia).and incoming House Speaker-Elect Rep. Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny).

This is Senator Piccola’s 25 minute November cable show focusing entirely on his choice agenda for the coming session:


and at the federal level…….

American Independent 11/11/10

Kline to push for controversial religious school vouchers

By Andy Birkey | 11.11.10 | 12:55 pm |
Republican Rep. John Kline is likely to chair the powerful House Education and Labor Committee in the new Congress and already he’s drawing fire from both sides of the aisle. Kline caught praise from religious conservatives when he expressed his support for educational vouchers for Washington, DC, parents that will allow them to spend taxpayer money on religious schooling. But he also has drawn the ire of fiscal conservatives by saying he doesn’t intend to push for the elimination of the Department of Education.

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